For Poodle Color Guide

Poodle Colors come in almost any color you can imagine and some times is difficult to choose which color we want.

We found poodle colors in many shades of solid colors to Parti-Colored poodles.
Apricot Poodles, White Poodles, Red Poodles,Chocolate Brown Poodle,Black Poodles, Blue Poodles, Silver Poodles, Beige Silver Poodles,Phantom Poodles and Parti Colored Poodles which is an amount of precious combination.
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White Color Poodle
White poodle color, can be white like the snow as well as with tinted beige apricot.
Some white poodles can even be born with light apricot colored ears.
Also this poodles have the black stains or points that Apricot and Cream poodles have.

Light Brown Color Poodle (Apricot)

This color is like reddish orange.It is dilute of red. It carries the fading gene.Some are so pale that seem cream but with reddish tones. Apricot poodles must have some points or black spots in their skin. Liver points are acceptable but not preferred.

Cream Color Poodle

This are almost white or champagne .
The Cream Poodles also has black stains or points.
Between these poodles, you can find combination of cream and white and they look very beautiful.

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Black color Poodle
This Poodle Color should be a beautiful deep jet black. No hint of blue or silver in it. The face when shaved should be almost, if not as dark, in color as the main coat. A true black should never fade and they should never have white or silver guard hairs.
Blacks must have black points and dark brown eyes.

Blue Black Color Poodle

Is a dilute of black. It carries the fading gene.Blue poodle puppies are born black and turn blue by two years of age.
This poodle color takes the longest time to clear.
Puppies at a young age will have brown highlights showing they are a blue not black puppy. By 2 years of age the dog will turn a dark color metal gray.There are varying shades of blue as in any color.
Blue poodles should have black points and dark brown eyes.

Silver Poodles 
This color is also a dilute of black. It also carries the fading gene.
Silvers are born black and clear over time.
There are varying shades of silver to sparkling platinum that is almost white to a beautiful pewter color.
Silvers must have black points and dark brown eyes.
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Silver Beige Color Poodle
These poodles must be born brown. It is a dilute of brown. It carries the fading gene also. They will lighten with age just as silver poodles would.

There are various shades of silver beige. Sometimes they turn almost platinum silver with a huge of brown to them.
They must have liver points and dark amber eyes.

Red Poodles
Red poodles are a new addition to the poodle colors spectrum, and are still relatively rare.

They developed from the apricot line.
They can be as light as to be almost apricot to a dark mahogany color
Red should have black points. Liver points are acceptable but not preferred.
Since red poodles are still comparatively difficult to find, demand has driven prices up. That can lead to unscrupulous breeders trying to get many red puppies on the market.
Buying from a reputable breeder is important with any dog, but is especially essential when buying a red poodle.
Red poodles are now accepted in American Kennel Clubconformation shows.

Chocolate Brown Poodle

This kind of poodle colors can be so dark looking black or have a more reddish brown shade.
Pure Chocolate Brown Poodles must have liver points and dark amber eyes.

Parti Color Poodle
Breeding Parti to Parti will always produce Parti.The litters may vary having two or more different Parti combinations of poodle colors.
A "Parti color” is basically a white dog with broken patches of color.
Every Parti is marked differently in both the color pattern and pigment. This feature makes them all the more unusual.
They are found in the black/tan, black/silver, brown/tan combinations and are marked in a precision pattern.

Phantom Poodle
Phantom coloring is also an inherited gene and is reproduced the same way that the parti Colored.
Phantom poodles are bi-colored, with the same markings as a Doberman.That is, they have a lighter color appearing on their "eyebrows," muzzle and throat, legs and feet and below their tail.
For a dog to be classified as a phantom it must have all the markings of a Doberman Dog.
Black can be combined with apricot, brown, cream, gray, red and silver.
Brown and red can both be combined with apricot.
No matter what the color combination, a dog's coat must comply with the standards for phantom markings to qualify for conformation shows.
When you hear the term "phantom poodle" it does not refer to a specific breed or size of poodle, only to its color and markings.

Tuxedo's Color Poodle
These Tuxedos poodles will usually have a white bib that may or may not go all the way around the neck, and they have an all white belly.
The white will usually extend from the elbows down to the feet and from the hock to the rear foot. However, you can have some variation in this with one or two legs not having any white at all.
Some of them have markings in the head and some not.

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